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The unofficial mantra at SURF is: Get inspired. Explore ideas. Start companies.   It’s crazy how you feel it the moment you walk through the doors.  Although SURF Incubator opened its doors at the end of April, they were busy accepting startups and inviting them to join the party even before the April 30th opening.

What once was a quite space with more empty desks than people walking around has now turned into a bustling center for early founders and tech startups.  Somehow I feel a lot more at home in SURF than I ever have at coffee shops or other temporary offices around Seattle.  More than 25 startups have joined the team and remaining spaces are quickly being claimed by others.  In fact, there is so much interest they doubled the tenant base over the last 2 months and Neil Bergquist believes “with about 150,000 square feet of vacant space in this…

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important captioning awareness campaign


Happy to announce launch of film, “Don’t Leave Me Out!” for captioning advocacy next week! Designed and created by the CCAC production team, with wonderful participation of so many! You will like it!

We invite you to a fun day on Wednesday, 13 June, here, on Facebook, Twitter, anyplace! Help us spread the film around and advocate with us! We knew June was going to be a happening month for inclusion.

After the launch, it will be available for all interested.
See more information here:

Email CCACacaptioning@gmail. com with any questions, requests for the press release, or ideas to help the film go viral. Thanks all! is the place to be for captioning advocacy – the hub to share your news, to participate and collaborate.

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